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Global e-Invoicing

We develop large-scale e-invoicing projects throughout Latin America and in over 60 countries in the international scope.

Global Data Integration

Cloud-based solutions for processing and transmission of business and logistic data for 14,000 companies worldwide.

Data sync Platform

Product data synchronization platform certified by GS1 for real-time link-up with any data pool worldwide.

More than 15000 clients worldwide
e-Invoicing in Latin America in 2018

Learn about the updates and changes that will take place in 2018 regarding the different e-Invoicing systems in several Latinamerican countries.

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The Electronic Invoice Presents a Challenge for the United States

Electronic invoicing is a system for regulating the relationships between businesses and is being used more and more throughout the world. However, in the United States it’s still in the initial stages of development in comparison to countries in Latin America and Europe. This is what Billentis concluded in its last report about the electronic invoice’s status in the world.

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eInvoicing in USA trends

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