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Electronic invoicing in Brazil follows the format of the “Nota Fiscal Eletrônica” (NF-e), it is obligatory for nearly all enterprises in Brazil, and is managed by the Tax Authority (Fazenda) in collaboration with the relevant state level offices.

"Nota Fiscal Eletronica"  is a document that is sent and stored electronically with the purpose of documenting commercial transaction between buyers and sellers. It is both an obligation set by the government as well as an opportunity for businesses to reap the rewards of electronic invoicing such as quicker collection times and lower costs associated with document processing.

The legal validity of Brazilian electronic invoices (NF-e) depends upon the electronic signature of the sender, and its legal declaration to the relevant tax authorities (Secretaria de Fazenda) before being sent to its destination.


  • The sender generates an XML document that contains the information required for the emission of the Brazilian electronic invoice (NF-e). This document must be digitaly signed with a digital certificate in order to guarantee the integrity of the data, as well as the sender’s identity.
  • The tax authority makes an initial evaluation of the electronic file, and sends an authorization of use, without which it is not possible to transport merchandise.
  • Transport of the merchandise is accomplished with the presentation of the DANFE (annex NF-e document) that is printed upon receipt of the authorization of use from the tax authority.


Legislative compliance: Total compliance with the defined norms and requirements for Brazilian invoicing (NF-e)

Official reporting: Online integration with the Brazilian Tax Authority (Secretaria de Fazenda)

Complete integration with you ERP: SAP R/3, Microsoft Dynamics, JD Edwards etc...

Transparent implementation for the user: You will continue generating electronic invoices like you are now, and we will be in charge of mapping them to the required legal format, signing them, and sending them to the tax authorities.

International support: Complete user support in 7+ languages in order to resolve any issues that you have regarding NF-e, CFDI (Mexico), or any other issues with your international ecommerce platform.

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  • Increased efficiency in administrative processes.
  • Reduction in costs.
  • Less time sending and collecting on invoices.
  • Increased security for your commercial transactions.
  • Automation of the processes of reception and integration of invoices.



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