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e-Invoicing in Uruguay

e-Invoicing in Uruguay

EDICOM’s international electronic billing platform provides specific services to bring you into line with the DGI (General Tax Directorate) of Uruguay for everything to do with the issuing, reception and preservation process for electronic invoices (CFE).

What is the CFE?

A CFE is a digital document created and electronically signed in an XML format preset by the DGI (General Tax Directorate), which has the same legal validity for tax purposes as documents on paper.

Legislative situation

The e-billing system in Uruguay has been in force since 2012. In December 2013, Resolution 798-2012 required certain groups of businesses to implement the e-invoicing system. The DGI intends to set a new schedule for mandatory incorporation of groups of companies as of September 2015.

e-Invoicing Uruguay

Process & features

► Invoice creation:

The platform automatically captures the data from the client ERP and converts it into the XML standard set by the DGI.

Applying for CAE and E-Signature:

The issuer requests the authorization codes (CAE) to be used to number each of their invoices. Automatically, an advanced electronic signature is applied, generating the final CFE (Electronic Tax Receipt).

► Submission:

The platform automates the processes to declare the CFE to the DGI and manage the receipt acknowledgements.

► Forwarding to recipients:

Once receipt is confirmed by the DGI, the CFE is forwarded to the recipient in electronic format, or as a printed representation of the same with a QR code identifying the source and verifying the document’s integrity.

White Paper: e-Invoicing situation in Latin America

Global e-Invoicing edicom video


  • Increased efficiency in administrative processes.
  • Reduction in costs.
  • Less time sending and collecting on invoices.
  • Increased security for your commercial transactions.
  • Automation of the processes of reception and integration of invoices.



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