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Ediwin XML/EDI Server – Data integration solution

  • Lets you process large amounts of data: Application valid for processing medium to high transaction volumes, as a platform able to process huge data quantities in real-time.
  • Adapted to operate in multinational frameworks: With EDIWIN XML/EDI SERVER you have an application ready to run corporate electronic data interchange projects so you can integrate all your business partners regardless of their country of origin or the transaction destination.
  • Single B2B communications platform: EDIWIN XML/EDI SERVER is able to process all types of electronic documents and may be used as a single application to administer multiple electronic document interchange projects (EDI, Electronic Invoicing, XBRL, Certified Storage…)
  • EDICOM support available 24x7: Contracting EDIWIN XML/EDI SERVER to roll out your B2B communications project guarantees full access to our Customer Service Centre to resolve all your queries and incidents. Our CSC can attend you in several languages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Ediwin XML/EDI Server – Data integration solution

Ediwin XML/EDI Server

Service mode system integrated with ERP for administration and management of electronic documents interchanged with your trading partner community.