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Ediwin viewer – Web Edi Tool

Because of the costs and faster start-up, non-integrated solutions are the best alternative for communications initiated in XML / EDI when there is a low volume of documents to be exchanged.

With these solutions all the user requires is access to the Internet, by which they can connect to the EDICOM B2B Platform Cloud Platform.

EDIWIN VIEWER is a Web-Edi software developed by EDICOM that allows fluid exchange and issurance of all types of electronic documents (invoices, orders, invoices, etc.).

EDIWIN VIEWER is low cost, high performance, and available after rapid implementation, enabling you to operate over the Internet with most of your customers and suppliers.

Ediwin viewer – Web Edi Tool
Ediwin viewer – Web Edi Tool

Ediwin viewer

 High-performance quick start-up EDI Web system for creation, sending and reception of structured XML/EDI documents.