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Global e-Invoicing Observatory

At EDICOM we provide services to promote e-business models between companies worldwide.

Our permanent presence from our offices in Europe, USA and Latin America, has made us one of the main points of reference in e-invoicing.

The outreach of our services and our e-invoicing projects implemented around the world has seen us roll out electronic billing solutions in markets such as Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Russia, Turkey, France, Italy, Chile, Slovenia, the UK, Germany, Czech Republic, Costa Rica, etc.

At EDICOM we maintain a Global Electronic Invoicing Observatory through advanced knowledge management models administered by dedicated technicians. This observatory is a guarantee for all our customers and users in 3 key areas:

Total adaptation of our e-invoicing solutions

EDICOM’s e-invoice sending and receiving platforms are perfectly adapted to the specifications of the source and destination countries where our customers operate. This adaptation involves legal issues that might affect invoice signature, declaration and safekeeping processes, as well as technical aspects related with document formats or the communication protocols to be used.

Permanent updating

All e-invoicing projects carried out by Edicom are subject to ongoing monitoring of the status of the rules and regulations of the countries in question. Any change or modification arising from technical demands or legal issues will be dealt with immediately and transparently for the client without affecting their daily business activity.

Fast introduction in new countries

Our high level of knowledge on the regulations in force on e-invoicing in the international scope, the proper management of said knowledge and Edicom’s growing experience in international markets constitute the best guarantee to approach your e-billing projects in any country.

White Paper: e-Invoicing situation in Latin America

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The Spanish Tax agency extends the validations performed on the VAT books declared via SII

As of October 1, 2019, the AEAT will implement the validation requirements for VAT books declared through the SII (Immediate Supply of Information).