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The Edicom Partner Web Portal is designed to integrate those vendors with a lower billing volume who usually send documents by conventional media such as postal services, e-mail or fax. This situation prevents automatic integration of their invoices payable in the management system.

For these cases, we design a service adapted to your needs using easy-access web portals for your supplier community, where the invoices addressed to you are recorded with simple data entry forms.

This way, the bills recorded in these portals will automatically be integrated into your in-house management system, saving time and cutting operating costs.


  • Two-way: Can be used to send purchase orders to your network of suppliers.
  • Invoice issuing assistant: Purchase orders received are taken as the basis to launch the invoice issuing process. This way, the invoices generated take the order data as reference, streamlining and simplifying the task of creating new documents for the supplier.
  • Importing invoices: It is possible to integrate data file importing functionalities. This way, if your supplier is able to generate a structured XML file, or CSV, text, etc., they can implement an import wizard to simplify the invoice issuing process.
  • Legal: The portal implements validation mechanisms that check compliance of the invoice generated with the technical legal specifications in force in each country.